Tattoo Removal Course

Course Description

Two parts to the course:

  1. Theory is provided by ONLINE modules on a learning management system.
    • The modules are engaging and interactive to ensure adequate learning.
    • All modules have been created by Dr. Jaggi Rao, certified dermatologist and laser expert.
  2. 3 Days of hands on training at Alberta DermaSurgery Center in Edmonton, Alberta
    • Maximum 4 students per course
    • One to one preceptorship

Online Training Modules

  • Laser Physics
  • Laser Tissue Interactions
  • Laser Parameters
  • Different types of Lasers/Devices for Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Fitzpatrick
  • Treating Ethnic Skin
  • Laser Tattoo removal Assessment
  • Contraindications
  • Pre/Post Laser care
  • Complications and Wound Care
  • Laser Safety

Skin Histology

  • Layers of the skin
  • Epidermis and identify its different components
  • Dermis and identify its different layers
  • Hypodermis and deep fascia
  • Understand and describe the role of melanocytes in skin pigmentation

Practical Hands-on learning for Tattoo Removal

  • Q switched
  • Pico Second

Hands on Training

  • You will be using medical grade class 4 laser systems
  • perform tattoo removal on all applicable body parts ( arms, legs, face, back , chest)
  • all models are provided




  • High School Diploma
  • Over 18 years of age.

Certification provided at end of the course

Online Theory and 3 Day Practicum

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