Botox and Filler

Course Description

2 parts

  1. Theory is provided on Online Learning Modules delivered through a learning
    management system
  2. 2 day hands on training at Alberta DermaSurgery Centre in Edmonton, Alberta

We take a maximum of 3 learners.

Online Training Modules

These modules are interactive, engaging and solidify all the theory needed before injecting.

There are 2 modules:

Neuromuscular Course

  • Muscles of the Face
  • Principles of Beauty and Aging
  • Types of Neurotoxins and Dilution
  • Deposit Points to treat frown lines, lower face, crow’s feet, forehead
  • Common adverse events
  • Patient Consultaton

Filler Course

  • Muscles of the face
  • Types of Fillers
  • Principles of Beauty and Aging d. Injection Techniques
  • Lip Augmentaton
  • Mid- face Augmentation
  • Common Adverse events
  • Patient Consultation

Hands on Training

2 Day Hands on Training

  • Maximum 3 learners at a time
  • All models , learning materials and product are provided




  • The injectable course can only be taken by physicians, pharmacists, licensed practical nurses, registered nurses and dentists.

Certification provided at end of the course

Online Theory and 2 Day Practicum

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